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Take Flight and Festive Update
Good day everyone, its been quite a while since we posted an official update notice. We'd like to apologize for the downtime these past months, in the start we wanted to keep the server open while applying new updates and game changing changes, but quickly realized that wasn't really realistically possible, and so we ended up deciding it will be better to just close the server while we work on these new changes and updates.

Over the past 2 months, we have been making massive changes, both to existing features and new features (Including fully custom coded ones). The first few months of our uptime gave us a good understanding of what it is that players want as well as things we need to do in order to provide a good playing experience as well as a fair one. We have spent countless hours trying to come up with unique ways to improve your experience on our servers, and truly hope that you enjoy the new things we implemented.

The Festive Update
Let's start off with the most recent development. Since we are currently in the middle of the festive season.
We decided it might be a good idea to spice up our worlds and add some awesome new features and rewards
with the festive theme, this update includes various small changes that you might enjoy!
➤ Lobby:
  • New spawn decorations:
  • 29+ New unlockable chat tags with the festive theme.
  • 15+ New cosmetics with the festive theme
  • Exclusive festive level rewards
  • Better vote chances
➤ Skyblock:
  • New spawn decorations:
  • Better vote chances
  • Reduced vote party requirement
  • Brand new festive crate
  • Snowmen can now do damage!
  • Zombies now have a chance of turning into snowmen

Take Flight
These past 2 months have certainly been a challenging journey, and we are extremely excited to finally be
able to show you what we've done. This update includes features that as of now are some of our
biggest projects ever! We have spent countless hours, designing, tweaking and more to
get the best result we possibly could!

➤ Lobby:
Our Lobby server poses as the face of Minestack. Therefore, we wanted to make sure that the first impression you get when you join the server is a fun and enjoyable one. We made various changes to try and achieve this outcome:
  • Completely redesigned our Scoreboard to include more information in a easier to understand layout.
  • Brand new cosmetic management system. We completely redesigned our cosmetic menu to improve the way you interact with the various different cosmetics that are available on the server.
  • Brand new global network levelling system. This new levelling system will allow you to earn rewards and other features, purely by playing the game.
  • New chat formatting and join notifications. We redesigned our chat format in the Lobby, it now contains more info as well as notifies users when a player joins!
  • Brand new voting in the lobby! You can now get mystery dust in the lobby by voting. Mystery dust can be used to craft cosmetics in the cosmetic menu.
  • and more, check out the official changelog for a more detailed list...
➤ Skyblock:
The Skyblock gamemode is our primary attraction and focus. As it currently stands, most of our attention and time are put into our Skyblock server in order to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. We have spent countless hours developing and tweaking various features and perks:
  • Brand new /trade system with built-in scam protection and support for various currency and exp trades.
  • Brand new fully operational dungeon! You can now enter the dungeon with Dungeon keys that can be bought on our server store your through /dmaster

    The dungeon has a bunch of new dangerous mobs and bosses that you can fight and grind for extra loot.
  • Battlepass! With the introduction of Seasons, you can now complete quests through the battlepass and level up to earn rewards. Each week will introduce new quests/missions.
  • New life tokens, getting life tokens will now allow you to keep your inventory on death.
  • Death Penalties! You now lose a % of your overall wealth. (The money you have in /bal)
  • Brand new island upgrades! You can now get effects by upgrading your island!
  • Massive balancing changes! We tested various different systems and blocks and also introduced new features that will help the overall balancing of the economy.
  • Brand new /is chest system. This allows you to essentially have a private virtual vault for your entire island!
  • Brand new island bank system. You can now manage your island bank through an easy to use interface and also earn a % interest on the money you have in the bank. The bank is also exempt from the death penalty.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • Brand new chat and inventory showcase system.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, glitches and exploits.
  • Complete PvP overhaul. We re-invented our PvP approach from the ground up, and introduced a bunch of new features including:
    • Newbie protection (Experienced players can no longer continuously kill the same players)
    • Death messages specific to the PvP arena
    • Corpses! It's your kill, so why should someone else have the loot? The corpse system protects your loot for a certain amount of time.
    • PvP ranking, you now get ranked based on your performance in the PvP arena. These ranks will play a role at the end of every season.
    • Bounties! Want someone's head? Place a bounty on them!
    • PvP stats, get an overview of your performance.
    • Kill recap, get the stats of the kill
    • Headhunting! You can now sell player's heads
    • A brand new PvP arena
    • and various other new features...
  • Brand new per-world cobblestone generators! You now get different spawn rates in the Nether & End than you do in the Overworld. Check out the new rates here
  • Greatly improved menus! We redesigned a bunch of our menus from the ground up to improve performance and the experience.
  • Brand new island preview feature! You can now preview an island before creating it, by right-clicking on it in the creation menu:
  • More AFK checks! We are constantly looking for ways to improve the fairness of our servers, and one of the new ways we are trying to establish a more fair environment for everyone is better AFK checks.
  • and so many more... Take a look at the full changelog for more info.
➤ Creative:
Creative plays a big role in the Minecraft sandbox experience. We wanted to give players the tools they needed to fully be able to express the imagination in-game. Here are some of the most notable changes:
  • Brand new plot flag system! We have greatly improved the performance of the plot flag system, and also introduced a bunch of new ones!
  • New backups! Each plot now gets backed up separately, allowing us to recover and fix broken plots more easily and prevent data & progress losses.
  • Greatly improved Anti-Cheat. In the past, we had a lot of false positives on our Creative server, the recent developments have introduced a complete rewrite of our Anti-Cheat allowing us to get rid of those false positives.
  • Brand new menus, we revamped a bunch of our creative menus to make the server easier to understand and use.
  • All cosmetics are now available on the creative server. Previously, only a select few could be used on the Creative server, we have made some changes and removed those limitations!
  • Brand new server spawn:
  • and so much more... Check our the full changelog for more info.
➤ Global:
We've made various changes on our Proxy, Website, Store & Discord. These changes we're mostly aimed at improving Security but also to provide better experiences.
  • Completely redid the EXP system of our Discord bot.
  • Added a few new fun commands to the Minestack bot.
  • Redid all the server store packages and updated our terms and conditions to be more clear.
  • Installed a brand new Anti-Bot system on our proxy which should detect a bot attack a lot quicker while still allowing legit players to join.
  • Brand new Anti-Cheat system. Our Anti-Cheat has been rewritten from the ground up, and now contains a lot less false positives with greatly improved performance without sacrificing any quality and legit checks.
  • Brand new Anti-DDOS system. We have upgraded our DDoS mitigation system in order to further defend against DDoS attacks.
  • and more, take a look at the full changelog for more info.

Donations, Store purchases, and more...
We understand that those of you that have contributed financially to the server might be concerned about
what will happen to your donations and purchases. This section will hopefully answers your questions.

➤ What will happen to my purchases:
All ranks and cosmetic purchases will remain intact, and you will not lose them. You'll keep your ranks for the entire lifetime of Minestack. Server specific perks and items will unfortunately be removed, and you'll either have to win them in-game or re-purchase them. Contact us for more clarity.

➤ What will happen to my permission and features that I obtained in-game?:
In-game features and permissions are seen as game progress. As with every reset, we completely wipe all progress and set players back to square one, meaning you lose all your obtained features and permissions that you obtained through in-game means.

➤ I purchased a rank or cosmetic before the reset, and I no longer have it?:
Please open a ticket on our Discord with -ticket in bot-commands and we'll assist you from there. You can join our Discord by Clicking here

We look forward to seeing all of you on the server gain soon!


~Minestack Management