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Dungeons Mobs [Take Flight Update]

Dungeon Mobs
The Dungeon introduces a bunch of new mobs, mini-bosses and bosses, all housed in a massive underground city that used
to be inhabited by dwarfs. The city that was previously inhabited by dwarfs, are now crawling with all sorts of dangerous monsters

with a thirst for lost adventurers.

The city consists of various different floors, each floor has its own unique style and mood, this also makes it easy to get lost. Each level of
the city will have different mobs and bosses, for example; the first level will consist of Orcs.

Mob Groups
All Dungeon mobs fall in different group. Each group will have its own floor/level with a boss/mini boss fight.
These groups will also have different difficulty levels and fight styles.

The Orc race is a powerful race when in numbers but weak when they are alone. They usually inhabit the first floors of the city where they can be cozy and easily find food and other resources, but don't let that fool you, they tend to have raiding and adventuring parties that venture to the lower levels of the dungeon to explore. These raiding parties usually have more powerful warriors.

Spiders almost always gather in large groups in the deeper darker parts of the dungeon, such as the abandoned mines or caverns where other monsters rarely venture. Spiders come in various classes, each of them having different abilities and poisons that immobilizes their targets, and if that wasn't enough, they tend to gang up on their targets to make it difficult for them to escape. These mobs can be extremely difficult to fight but if you manage to defeat the bosses/mini bosses, the rewards will surely be worth the effort!

The wraths are a powerful immortal race that have existed for centuries. They tend to crawl around the deepest parts of the city, searching for their next victim and satisfying their lust for fear. They are immune to almost all types of damage, except malee damage. They rarely gang up on their targets, but when they do, you can be sure to be in a tight spot. They boast powerful magic and weapons that deal a ton of damage and if that wasn't enough, they have a scary amount of health and armor compared to other mobs. Some of them have managed to obtain a bunch of different skills over their long centuries of existence making their attacks completely random and difficult to predict.

➤ Seekers:
No-one knows for sure what these creatures are or where they came from. Some say they are the lost souls of the dwarfs that used to inhabit the city. These unknown creatures are eye ***** floating above ground and inside the city at random, looking for targets to harass and annoy. Seekers come in different classes and have different abilities, health and damage.

➤ Undead:
Through powerful and long forgotten magic, the wrath witches revived the dead dwarfs and turned them into undead skeletons that roam the city looking for their lost souls. The undead tend to be weak enemies with very little fighting ability, but scary nonetheless.

➤ Lost Raiders:
These are adventures that went into the city looking for and adventure and loot but managed to get lost. Overtaken by fear various spirits took over their beings and now inhabit their bodies. Lost Raiders usually have some form of armor and weapons and some of them have powerful magic that can easily immobilize their targets. Some of the lost Raiders still feel a connection to their party members and tend to stick together, event though they no longer have a will of their own, this can make it difficult to fight them alone if they gang up.

➤ Bandits:
These are adventurers that found the outside world too boring and plain and instead found ways to make a living inside the lost city. Living from new adventurers and monsters. This race is still human but due to living with monsters and in the dark so long, they have mostly gotten some form of mental illnesses that make it impossible to safe or reason with them.

These are fallen spirits that are no longer able to jump between realities, and have instead materialized in the human world. Unable to b in the sun, they now wander around alone and ashamed in the halls of the lost city.

Moon Race:
These are a race of powerful vampires that have lived alongside the Dwarfs for centuries, helping them fend of the Wraths. Since the extinction of the dwarfs, they have fallen into a deep depression and now kill any other race that dares come near them. They have powerful abilities and classes and the vast majority of them have a scary amount of health due to their regenerative abilities.

More About the Dungeon
The Humans decided that the Lost City is a dangerous place for just anyone to enter, so they called upon powerful witches and
wizards to seal the lost city away in an alternate reality and only make it possible to enter the city with a special
magical key. These keys comes in different forms, each of them have a different amount of magic, only allowing
the wielder to remain in the lost city for a certain amount of time.

A powerful wizard has been put in charge of making sure only qualified adventurers entered the
lost city, and that they were well equipped. This wizard is now known as the dungeon master!


I'd like to point out that we are not the creators of the map, nor did we commission it. Thanks to a very generous PlanetMinecraft
User that allowed us to use this amazing and very detailed map for our Dungeon. If you want
take take a look at the map for yourself, follow this link: Dwarven City
User that gave us permission: Fonta


We hope that you are all as excited as we are for this update. This is by far our biggest update yet.

Going Forward
Over the past 2 months, we realized that making large updates such as this one, creates a gap
in activity in the server and also distances us from our community, so with that said, we
decided it will be best to create smaller regular updates in the future, instead of
in frequent larger ones such as this one.

You can expect the Take Flight update to go live within the next 2 weeks, and we will also
greatly improve our efforts to put the server back on the map and back to its original

~ Minestack Management