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Discord bot Features & Commands

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Discord Bot Features & Commands
What commands can I use with the Discord bot?
Minestack has developed a custom Discord bot that makes it possible to achieve certain required tasks on the server while also making the moderation/administration processes easier. With all the neat tools and mechanics that come with the bot is a few commands that normal users can interact with and use. Below is a list of commands and an explanation of what each of them does.

General Commands:
  • -bugreport or -bug | This command allows you report broken features or other errors.
  • -help | Brings up the help menu in Discord that shows all the commands and their functions.
  • -ip | Shows the Minecraft Server IP.
  • -links | Shows all the links related to the server (Store, Website, Twitter, IP etc).
  • -remindme | Set a reminder for yourself, the bot will notify you after the specified amount of time has passed. Example: -remindme 1m To join
  • -report | This command allows you to report a player or staff member. (Only a selected few can see the reports)
  • -status | Shows the Minecraft Server status.
  • -suggest | Suggest a new feature to be added, or a change to be made.
Support System:
  • -new | Creates a ticket, you have to specify a reason.
  • -add | Users with permission can add other members to the ticket.
  • -remove | Users with permission can remove members from the ticket.
  • -close | Closes or ends the ticket and sends a transcript to the creator.
Staff Applications:
  • -apply | Apply for staff by opening an application and then completing the questions.
  • Some questions require a specific answer, be sure to read the questions carefully
  • -daily | Give you a certain amount of coins every 24 hours.
  • -work | Brings up the work help menu.
  • -work jobs | View a list of the available jobs, jobs allow you to earn money by "working".
  • -work apply <job> | Replace <job> with the job that you want to join.
  • -work quit | Quit your current job.
  • -coins | View your current coins balance.
  • -cointop | View the richest people on the server.
  • -pay | Pay a user with coins.
  • -slots | Gamble a bit with your coins. Luck plays a big role here and you can win or lose a lot!
  • -level | View your current level.
  • -leveltop | View the highest ranking members on the Discord.
Fun Commands:
  • -avatar | Display your current avatar.
  • -coinflip | Flip a coin.
  • -google | Run a google search through Discord.
  • -invites | View the amount of people you have invited to the Discord.
  • -invitetop | View the server's top inviters.
  • -rolldice | Roll a dice.
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