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Client Mods & Punishments

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Client Modifications
What mods am I allowed to use?
Minecraft mods has come a long way since the start of the game. A lot of people can't enjoy the game without the use of certain modifications. Mods can come in a wide range of categories, all ranging from small performance and visual improvements to modifications to the core gameplay functions. Due to the fact that there is such a wide range of modifications, not all mods are allowed to be used on the Minestack server. Below are some guidelines to the mods that we allow on the server.
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We only specifically allow these mods through our Anticheat: 5zig, Labymod and OldLabymod. All other mods are used at own risk! We can't review every version of these mods, and therefore can't guarantee that these will always work on the Server. Make sure that you always get the mods you are planning to install from official sources, that can be the creator's website, GitHub or other channels. Unofficial downloads can have other modifications that aren't allowed by the server which can result in bugs, or other events such as being detected as a hack from the Anticheat. Unofficial mods can also contain malicious code which can infect the device you're installing them on and cause other problems.

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What is and isn't allowed?
Categories of the types of mods that are allowed
Due to the sheer amount of different types of mods that are available today, we decided it would be best to break them into categories and only give examples of the more well known mods in those categories. If a mod does not fall in any of these categories, then you can assume that it isn't allowed on the server and you can potentially be automatically banned from the server by the Anticheat.

Performance Improvement Mods:
These are mods that help increase your FPS and improve the performance of the Minecraft cleint without making changes to the game itself. Some examples of these mods include:
  • Optifine
  • Betterfps
  • Client java arguments
  • FPS Reducer
  • FoamFix
Visual Enhancements:
These are mods that change visual aspects of the game (the look and feel) without changing any of the gameplay mechanics. These mods include things such as Shaders and texture packs, one thing to note: These modifications may NOT change the properties of blocks, for example make non-transparent blocks transparent or change the player's perspective. Some examples of these include:
  • Texture Packs
  • Shader packs
  • Dynamic Surroundings
HUD mods:
These are mods that change the look and feel of the in-game heads up display (Things like your hotbar), without adding extra information which won't normally be available to the player. For example, armor and status effects, which can normally be seen from the inventory screen are allowed, mini-maps, other player health / mob health / armor indicators, player distance / range etc. are not allowed. Only HUD mods that make it easier to see normal information that can be obtained without any mods are allowed. Examples of these include:
  • LabyMod
  • 5Zig
  • Optifine
Brightness & Gamma mods:
These are mods which allow you to change the brightness and gamma settings of Minecraft, this usually enabled you to see in darker in darker areas which would normally be too dark to see in. Examples of these include:
  • Fullbright
Other specific mods that we allow:
These are mods that do not fall into any specific category that we allow to be used on the server. These include:
  • Replay Mod
  • Badlion Client
  • Built in F3 tools

Disallowed Mods and Enhancements
There isn't a specific list of mods that aren't allowed, but some things to keep in mind when trying to figure out whether a mod is allowed or not: Does the mod negate any of the server features? Does it fall outside the above mentioned categories? Does it give you any significant advantage above other players? If you can answer any of those questions with a "Yes" answer, then its same to assume that the mod is not allowed by the server.

Modifications, enhancements, scripts and other forms of automation are not allowed! These include things such as AntiAfk scripts, macros, aim assist and other addons or enhancements that can be seen as "automation" meaning, you aren't the one doing the actions, something is doing it for you.

Modifications that change the way the Minecraft client connects and interacts with the server is strictly disallowed, even if they fall into a allowed category. Ensure that the modifications you use, are client side only and don't alter or change anything of the gameplay itself.

In short, anything that does not fall into the allowed categories mentioned above, can be assumed to be disallowed.

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This thread is only to serve as a guideline to those that wish to use mods. Also note that we are not responsible for anything that may happen when using any mods / enhancements or any other modifications. We (Minestack) are not maintainers / developers of any of the above mentioned modifications.
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