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[BEGINNER] How to get trophy points.


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Hey everyone!

This guide is for beginners of the forums, so if you know your way around, this one isn't for you! Shoo shoo!

Great, now the beginners are here, this guide will give you a bit of insight on what trophy points are and what they do.

What are the trophy points?
Trophy Points are a reward system on the forums that rewards members for activity and having a positive presence on the forums. They take form of 9 milestones (below). Keep reading the thread to find out more information on what trophy points can do!

Oh, cool, what do they do?
If you've been looking around the forums you may have seen people with titles such as "Active Member" below their forum posts, this is because they have accumulated a substantial amount of trophy points. Like trophy points, these titles are awarded at trophy point milestones, for example, you could have to accumulate 100 posts, 20 trophy points and 15 likes on your posts to reach a certain title. This shows if you're active on the forums and especially helps if you plan on applying for staff... or just bragging rights...

You get trophy points by being active on the forums and giving a positive presence, you can then get titles from your trophy points and other forum statistics, these titles look cool, look good on applications and are good for bragging rights.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and learned something! :)
~ straggly