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07.10.2020 - Minestack BETA Back to Square One 2.0

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Minesstack BETA Back to Square One Update
Network Wide:
  • Fixed a bunch of permission issues
  • Added a /report command
  • Improved our Firewall​
  • Upgraded to some new server hardware​
  • Made some changes to our Store packages​
  • Re-balanced and tuned the Anti-Cheat​
  • Completely redesigned the Cosmetics System​
  • made some backend improvements​
  • Significantly reduced the Mystery Box find chance
  • Made some major performance tweaks
  • Added a few new cosmetics
  • Updated the NPC and portal systems
  • made some backend improvements
  • Started preparing for 1.15.2
  • Made some new performance changes
  • Added a few new block restrictions
  • Made some changes to the menus
  • made some backend improvements
  • Increased the teleport time for /is go and /is home to 3 seconds
  • Fixed some issues with island levels and worths
  • Made some improvements to how /is mission progressions work
  • Made some balancing changes to /is upgrades
  • Made some minor changes to block worths and levels
  • Updated all rewards of /is missions
  • Removed /is level for default users
  • Fixed the random chest on the easy nether island
  • Fixed some the Tiered hopper issues on islands
  • Fixed the network-wide player count not being correctly displayed in the "Tab"
  • Redesigned some of the nametags in "Tab"
  • Added a new Anti-Afk system
  • Added playtime rewards
  • Added a new spawn egg shop in /shop
  • Added ores to the mineral shop
  • Re-Balanced a lot of items in /shop
  • Fixed some of the crop rates not working correctly
  • Added formatting of the island worth in the scoreboard
  • Removed the random "You were charge 0.0" for placing a spawner message
  • Fixed the sort wand not being given in the power shop
  • Added new level caps for mcmmo skills
  • Fixed some of the spawn locations on end islands
  • Added some new announcements in the boss bar
  • Added Hoppers and Hopper Minecarts to the Redstone shop
  • Added a new island warps upgrade to /is upgrades
  • Fixed the sorting in /list
  • Fixed mob stacking
  • Fixed the kicked for spam due to some issues with pm
  • Added new Upgrade descriptions to minion upgrades
  • Decreased the Minion chest link distance to 15 from 30
  • Increased max mob stack size to 250
  • Redid /rules
  • Fixed some issues where players would sometimes be kicked with a message in another language
  • Added new restart schedules and notices
  • Decreased the item merge radius to 3
  • Increased max item stack sizes to 512
  • Added spawner stacking
  • Added a spawner limit per chunk (18)
  • Added a new setting in /settings
  • Added /Blackmarket
  • Added the Dungeon Master
  • Added the Weapon's Smith
  • Added a new /report command
  • Added player shops
  • Added a new /trade
  • Fixed the island level and worth going below 0
  • Buffed minion prices and upgrade prices
  • Moved the chest link unlock for minions to the obsidian miner mission
  • Added a combat log for /pvp
  • Added random envoy spawn locations
  • Nerfed some of the crates
  • Changed the amount of players required for an envoy to 8
  • Fixed firework damage for custom enchants
  • Added auto spawner stacking
  • Updated the cosmetics
  • Buffed the Minion feed prices
  • Updated some of the scoreboards
  • Added new commands for the minion store: (/minionshop, /minion store, /minions shop, /ms, /minion shop)
  • Fixed the double $ sign for the shop purchases and sales
  • Rebalanced hopper upgrade prices
  • Added a new "End Game" mission that unlocks hopper linking (The mission is unlocked by completing all other missions)
  • Fixed an issue where putting a sell wand or crafting wand in a chest, would stop them from working
  • Fixed some typos in /is upgrades
  • Changed the server difficulty to normal
During the next week, we'll progressively introduce the other features that weren't added in this update.
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