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06.19.2020 - Minestack BETA Update 1.1

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Minestack BETA 1.1 Update
  • Fixed some spelling errors in bot messages​
  • Fixed the server status module​
  • Added a new -server command​
  • Added a new -status command​
  • Added role syncing between the website and Discord​
Proxy Server:
  • Made some security improvements
  • Made some changes to how maintenance mode works
Creative Server:
  • Removed some join messages
  • Fixed the cosmetics menu
  • Fixed the heads menu
  • Fixed the plot world
  • Fixed the announcement toggle feature
Skyblock Server:
  • Updated all holograms
  • Changed the way new islands are handled
  • Removed NPCs from /baltop
  • Temporarily disabled the battlepass
  • Prevented build permissions in /tutorial
  • Optimized /tutorial
  • Fixed broken island missions
  • Added a cooldown to /is level
  • Fixed /vote
  • Fixed /events
  • Disabled teleportation when falling into the void (You now get killed..)
  • Fixed the scoreboard on islands
  • Added some new menus
  • Gave some kit items names
  • Fixed some errors in /ah
  • Fixed /is level permissions
  • Fixed the minecart upgrade in /is upgrades
  • Added minecart upgrade level to the description of upgrades in /is cp
  • Added a new /settings command
  • Enabled the ability for players to toggle tp
  • Fixed the unlimited claiming bug for the starter kit
  • Fixed the icons in /warp
  • Fixed the portal in spawn
  • Fixed the links in /help
  • Fixed the announcement toggle permission
  • Added new items to the underground
  • Removed achievement announcements
  • Fixed the store links in /kits
  • Removed some annoying messages
Lobby Server:
  • Fixed the Skyblock NPC
  • Fixed the server status indicators
  • Fixed the error messages when interacting with blocks
  • Fixed the portal permissions
  • Removed some annoying messages
  • Made some general security improvements
  • Made some general performance optimizations
  • Fixed some permission errors on the website
  • Added the ability to create accounts with Discord
  • Added role syncing between Discord and the website
  • Made some improvements to the store
  • Other general backend updates and upgrades
  • Introduced a new BETA tester application
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