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06.10.2020 - Minestack Beta Update 1.0

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Minestack BETA 1.0 Update
  • Added a server status indicator to the bot
  • Added some new commands
  • Optimized the Discord bot
  • Added a rank sync feature between the website and Discord
  • Added new staff applications to the -apply command
  • Removed the verification system
  • Made some basic permission changes and role color changes
Proxy Server:
  • Added a new Anti-Bot system
  • Patched some know exploits
  • Improved security
Creative Server:
  • Improved security
  • Added web-store integration
  • Added the ability to toggle announcements
  • Added a new events menu to /menu
  • Added a world border 8000x8000
  • Made some general server optimizations
  • Added support for 1.8-1.8.9 clients
  • Fixed the chat formatting issues
  • Fixed the nametags
Skyblock Server:
  • Updated the Skyblock core and added new features
  • Improved security
  • Envoy notices are now global and not just in PvP
  • /vote now works
  • Added a new /events command
  • Fixed the /is ratings menu
  • Fixed the broken island missions
  • Added web-store integration
  • Optimized a lot of the server features
  • Fixed the /buy menu
  • Made changes to /is upgrades and added a new minecarts upgrade
  • Added support 1.8-1.8.9
  • Decreased the max island size to 200x200
  • Added announcements toggle option in the settings menu
  • Added events | /events
  • Added voting rewards
  • Removed playtime from the scoreboard
  • Added a new spawn
  • Added a new /missions menu
  • Keep inventory toggled on in the spawn world
  • Added new features to /menu
  • Added two new minions
    • Spawner minion | This minions spawns mobs
    • Spawner Miner minion | This minion spawns blocks around him and mines them
  • Patched some exploits
  • Added auto restart schedules
  • Added preparations for upcoming updates
Lobby Server:
  • Added web-store integration
  • Improved security
  • Fixed some glitches and bugs
  • Recoded the entire hub core
  • Fixed server selector description glitches
  • Added announcements
  • Made some general server optimizations
  • Added new mystery box locations
  • Moved all servers to a new host
  • Prepared new staff applications
  • Fixed website permissions and created new threads/forums
  • Added the ability for users to change their usernames on the website
  • Made store changes
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