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Minestack Rules and Guidelines
This thread contains all the new rules and guidelines that you need to abide by when playing on Minestack. If you do not follow these rules and guidelines, a Staff member will punish your appropriately (Ban, Mute, Want, etc). If you witness someone breaking these rules, please report them, either by making a thread on the forum, reporting them on Discord with the -report command or by reporting them in-game with /report.

Client Modifications
Our Client modifications rules and regulations have not changed.
You can read about our guidelines regarding mods and other modifications here: Click Here

Chat Rules - In-game

Don't Mini Mod:
  • Mini mod is when a person that is not currently on the staff team, or in a position of power at Minestack, do the work of Mods and other staff members.
Chat Disruptions:
  • Excessive use of CAPS. This does not include usernames.
  • Non-English. Speaking in a language other than English in the main chat. Other languages are allowed in private messages and team chats.
  • Spamming. Repetitive messages or letters being sent in chat.
  • Spam encouragement. For example: “Who wants free money??” is not allowed.
  • Harassment. Continuous bothering of another player or staff member. If the individual you are bothering asks you to stop, listen to them.
  • Discrimination. Any attempts at discriminating against somebody, regardless of any reason, will be met with an instant ban.
  • Threats. DDOS/DOS/DOX threats, or threatening to harm a player or their friends or relatives is strictly against the rules.
  • Disrupting any actions or annoying the staff team. They dedicate their time to helping you, and to protect you from other harmful users, respect that. This rule includes calling out staff during moderation or administration.
Inappropriate Content or NSFW:
  • Referring or talking about vulgar, sexual, or drug-related topics, etc. Some mild topics are permitted in private chats and team chat as long as no one is negatively affected by it being discussed.
  • Directed swearing. Swearing at other users is not allowed.
  • In-Direct swearing. Swearing is not allowed.
Mute Evasion:
  • Using methods to communicate with other players while being muted.
  • Commands. Misusing commands such as /fly, /repair, etc. is not allowed.
  • Advertising a service that takes place outside of the server is not allowed.
  • Advertising another server’s IP will result in an immediate 24 hours ban.
Encouraging Harm:
  • Encouraging someone to hurt themselves or another person will result in an immediate 7-day ban, without a warning.
  • Scamming other users out of their in-game items is not allowed. In-game money or currencies are also seen as in-game items.
  • Scamming users out of real-life money/currency is strictly not allowed.
Leaking Personal Information:
  • Leaking personal information without proper permission such as full names, addresses, and or any other very specific information will result in a ban.

General In-Game rules
Inappropriate Content or NSFW:
  • Inappropriate skins, builds, banners, item names, etc. If the issue is not corrected after a warning has been issued, you will be forcibly removed from the network (Ban).
PvP Loggin and Evasion:
  • Using methods to escape PvP or gain an advantage in PvP, such as using /fly to enter combat or evade combat.
  • Commands. Exploiting any bugs or issues with commands in an attempt to lag or disrupt the server processes is not allowed.
Ban Evasion:
  • Using alternate accounts to come online while you are banned on another account. This will result in a permanent ban for the primary account and a temp ban for the alt.
  • Stealing or destroying builds or items other players have created or obtained is not allowed.
Hacked clients or illegal modifications:
TP Trapping:
  • Teleporting a player to you and trapping or killing them is not allowed.
DDOS/DOX/DOS Attempts:
  • DDOS/DOS/DOX attempts will result in a permanent IP ban of all related IPs associated with these attempts.
Auto Mining:
  • Automation mine macros/scripts or any other form of automating mining/farming and other resource gathering is not allowed.
  • Leaving an alternative account running for an extended amount of time executing commands while mining to avoid the ANTI-AFK system is not allowed.
  • Double-clicking or using multiple mice is not allowed. Using any mouse that can double click at a faster rate than humanly possible is not allowed.
  • Binding a macro key to click. Binding any key to click for you is not allowed. This is essentially auto-clicking.
Dungeons and ALTs:
  • You are not allowed to use ALT accounts in dungeons.
Auto Moving:
  • Using modifications such as schematica or a camera mod to automatically move your Minecraft client while you are printing or recording or any other variation is now allowed.
  • Using excessive accounts to spam the server is not allowed and will result in an IP Ban.
➤ Scamming:
  • Scamming in any shape or form is not allowed. This includes /trade and /ah.
➤ PVP System Abuse:
  • Abusing the PVP system to get rewards and achievements, are under no circumstances allowed. For example, killing your friend or alt for the cash bonuses.
➤ Exploiting or Bug Abuse:
  • Exploiting and abusing a bug is not allowed, whether it be a vanilla Minecraft bug/exploit or one from one of our plugins/systems. Things like duplication glitches are completely prohibited, and if caught using such a bug, you will be permanently banned.

Forum & Discord Rules
➤ Post Farming:
  • Replying to old threads that do not need any reply to boost your messages is not allowed. Your messages will be reset if caught doing this.​
➤ Flooding & Off-Topic:
  • Flooding a thread with one reply after another instead of editing the previous message, or dragging a thread off-topic, or replying with information that does not contribute to the thread is not allowed.
➤ Respect Others:
  • Keep personal matters, such as arguments, in DMs.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech, swearing, or other disruptive behavior.
  • Do not instigate drama on the server.
  • Do not ping staff members or other members in the Discord unless you have been permitted to do so, or you are in an active conversation.
  • Do not impersonate others.
  • Don’t call others out in public channels, if you believe they are violating the rules. Either open a ticket or report them using the -report command.
  • Don’t DM others, unless you have been permitted to do so.
➤ Keep the chat clean:
  • Don’t spam or use excessive caps.
➤ No Explicit content:
  • NSFW is not allowed under any circumstances.
➤ No Advertising:
  • No advertising in any of the channels, threads, or DMs. If you think you have a good enough reason to post ads, contact Chappy or Grimm.
➤ No Offensive nicknames, profile pictures or statuses:
  • This rule includes invisible names & special/annoying unreadable Unicode characters (Text symbols or fancy fonts).
➤ No Politics:
  • This includes memes, political topics/links & other pictures relating to politics.
➤ Help keep everyone safe:
  • Do not talk about any illegal activities. This includes cracked/leaked games, leaked photos, websites that post illegal or cracked downloads, etc.
➤ No Ban evading:
  • Be honest when you have done something, this will increase your chances of not getting banned.
➤ Staff has the final say:
  • If you feel a staff member has been unfair, you can open a report or complaint on the forum.
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