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Take Flight and Festive Update
Good day everyone, its been quite a while since we posted an official update notice. We'd like to apologize for the downtime these past months, in the start we wanted to keep the server open while applying new updates and game changing changes, but quickly realized that wasn't really realistically possible, and so we ended up deciding it will be better to just close the server while we work on these new changes and updates.

Over the past 2 months, we have been making massive changes, both to existing features and new features (Including fully custom coded ones). The first few months of our uptime gave us a good understanding of what it is that players want as well as things we need to do in order to provide a good playing experience as well as a fair one. We have spent countless...

Dungeons Mobs [Take Flight Update]

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Dungeon Mobs
The Dungeon introduces a bunch of new mobs, mini-bosses and bosses, all housed in a massive underground city that used
to be inhabited by dwarfs. The city that was previously inhabited by dwarfs, are now crawling with all sorts of dangerous monsters

with a thirst for lost adventurers.

The city consists of various different floors, each floor has its own unique style and mood, this also makes it easy to get lost. Each level of
the city will have different mobs and bosses, for example; the first level will consist of Orcs.

Mob Groups
All Dungeon mobs fall in different group. Each group will have its own floor/level with a boss/mini boss fight.
These groups will also have different difficulty levels and...

Back to Square One (Skyblock Reset/Big Update)

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Back to Square One Update
Good day everyone, I am happy to say, that we can finally announce what we've been working on for the past week. This will officially be our biggest update since launch. We have worked way more hours than we'd like to Admit, so we truly do hope that you enjoy the new changes and features. We've been actively listening to your feedback, and took them into consideration when we made the changes and introduced new features. A lot of these new changes and updates we're made possible by your feedback, and to that, I say thank you. But unfortunately, with all that good comes a little bad news. We have given this a lot of thought and consideration, and have found no other possible solution to re-balance the Skyblock economy and implement some of the major new changes without resetting the...

Minestack Beta Tester Recruitment

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Minestack has not officially launched yet! We are still in the process of tweaking server
settings, features, and fixing bugs and glitches. The purpose of this thread is to get
people/players that are willing to help us get the server to a playable state
and help it grow by reporting bugs and giving suggestions.

Minestack Server launch

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About Minestack
Minestack is a new and innovative, survival-focused Minecraft network.
Our goal is to create a unique and fun experience for old and new Minecraft players.
Minestack offers a big variety of content, with frequent updates to ensure that you always stay
engaged in the gameplay and enjoy the experience.

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Minestack links
Discord: Click here to join

Server IP:

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Minestack Backstory